Eva Tarr: founder, director, curator, programmer, sponsorship and press.

Eva was born in Havana, Cuba. She is a graduate of History of Art and English. She worked for the Women’s Film, Television and Video Network (WFTVN) sponsored by the Greater London Council and Channel Four TV. She was also head of development of Icarus Films, co-owner and director of Metro Tartan and director of Metro Pictures and Metro Cinemas in London. She founded the London Latin American Film Festival in 1990.

Ronald Hernandez: web site designer

Born in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. Ronald is graduated in Graphic Design and Arts and has worked for various Marketing and publication companies in Venezuela.

Lisa Chillingworth, Photographer

After many years in art and design Lisa has now turned her creative skills to photography!

Dr Linda Craig: advisor

Linda lived for several years in Argentina and Peru, and then returned to the Uk to study.  She is now a senior lecturer in Latin American literature and film at the University of East London. She has published a book and numerous articles on Latin American literature and film.

Pedro Pérez-Sarduy: advisor

Cuban poet, writer, journalist, broadcaster and Cuba consultant resident in London. He is a prolific and published writer of both literature and poetry  In 2009 he received from UNESCO the Victor Hugo medal in acknowledgement of his writings, “which contribute significantly to the protection and promotion of the rights of man/woman and the oppressed”.

Eirene Houston: advisor

Screenwriter Eirene Houston has worked in TV on such shows as ‘This Life’, ‘East Enders’, ‘Monarch of the Glen’ and in cinema on ‘Days of the Flowers’ among other movies . She is currently working on her new film, ‘ The Cuban Way’. Eirene has also taught at the EICTV in Cuba.

Pamela Esterson: advisor.

With many years experience working at the BBC’s Arena her recent credits include productions of the South Bank Show, John Lennon’s Jukebox, and the biopic of rock icon Jeff Buckley made for BBC2.

Freddy Panzola: editor.

Elvira Calatayud: LLAFF Director’s Assistant

Graduated in Tourism and Human Resources, Elvira’s passion has always been Film. Now, she is pursuing an MA in Film Studies at King’s College London. She is also associated editor in Eu-Topias and in Unstate Magazine.

Claudia Navarro: Social Media Manager

Venezuelan journalist and social media manager passionate about films.


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