Anti-Argentine Campaign / Campana Antiargentina

Dir. Alejandro Parysow, Argentina, 2016, 104 min. colour, English subtitles.
Cast: Juan Gil Navarro, Valeria Correa, Paco Gorriz, Pablo Chao, Carlos Rivkin, Daniel Melingo

Leo J., a vapid, but immensely popular actor and singer, finds his champagne lifestyle interrupted when he inherits an old house. Searching through the dank and dilapidated ruins, he begins to uncover evidence of a sinister ‘Anti-Argentina Campaign’ that has dogged his own family, and the nation, over generations. Through a brilliantly balanced mix of slapstick, character comedy and political satire, the film critiques the notion of, ‘Campana Antiargentina’, which has been regularly resurrected ever since the era of the ‘Dirty War’, often to cover a multitude of sins. Yet, as we watch Leo J’s life descend into fear and obsession, we need to ask ourselves, ‘could it be true?’ As the Old Man of the Mountains put it ‘just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you’. Hilarious, queasy, unmissable.

The Wanted Child / El Hijo Buscado

Dir. Daniel Gagliano, Argentina, 2014, 82 min. colour, English subtitles.
Cast: Rafael Ferro, Maria Ucedo, Sofia Brito, Susana Varela, Nicolas Garcia, Omar Holz, Lali Gonzalez

After ten fruitless years spent trying to adopt through the official channels, Alvaro and Ana, both now entering middle age, have reached the point of desperation. After yet another setback, they decide their only recourse is to buy a baby on the black market. As Alvaro sets out on the perilous journey to the Brazilian border, leaving Ana to wait in trepidation, the mood darkens and events soon start to spiral out of control. A brooding, terrifying thriller, which lays bare the fault lines of a society in which money and privilege can prove powerless to fulfil the demands of the heart.

Mar del Plata International Film Festival – National Competition – Actriz revelación/ “Revelation Actress”; 11/2014; Argentina.

Mostra de Cinema Llatinoamericà de Catalunya – “Premio Radio Exterior de España”; 04/2015; Spain.

Boccaccerias Habaneras

Dir. Arturo Sotto, Cuba, 2014, 100 min. colour, English subtitles.
Cast: Zulema Cruz, Jorge Perugorria, Felix Beaton, Claudia Alvarez, Mario Guerra, Luis Alberto Garcia, Patricio Wood