2013 events

Saturday 16 November

LLAFF VIP Launch Party, 7pm at Number 90 Main Yard Bar & Restaurant.

Buy your tickets here: http://llaff.eventbrite.co.uk/

Tuesday 19 November

Opening of JOURNEYS; a Photography Exhibition by Ed Beron.
Time: 7pm
Address:  Buena Vista Restaurant, 19 Landor Rd, London, SW9 9RT, Clapham North Tube (Northern Line).

Ed Beron
BA (hons) Fine art photographer and writer

“My method of expression is through photography. When I take a photograph I am looking to capture people’s thoughts and feelings. Through my exploration I am a witness, yet also I question, I fantasize, I dream.”

Since the early 1990’s, my work has involved the creation of conceptually based, socio-political photographic images that deal with memories of the past: images that have been part of my childhood and my adult experience. My work also addresses Diaspora, displacement, identity, gender and, most importantly, the underlying threads of violence and danger that appear to underpin our society.

In portraiture work, my focus is to capture the real movements of the individual.  In composing and taking a portrait, I am not only aiming to depict what the person looks like, but also to represent that which is a true reflection of who they are.

JOURNEYS summarizes a photographic work of several years while exploring different areas of Colombia, and Cuba over a period of time. The images shown have to do with what I see and make part of a social documentary.

Journeys are fragments of reality, what I see as a witness of this time, this amalgam of ideas after sometimes unexpected momentary actions, thus all actions can be related to political, social or identity issues, the case of a portrait can be extended by adding something new as part of the composition.

This project is a work in progress in which there is a starting point and there are many events that follow and perhaps a debate.

Saturday 23 November

Colombian Film Club: Connect with Your Roots

Time: 2.30 – 5.30
Place: Colombian Consulate in London. (By invitation only).

The charity Connections & Opportunities Bureau with the support of the Colombian Consulate in London has developed a film series for young adults between 13 and 20 years old.


  • Kyakä La Na (In partnership with The London Latin American Film Festival)
  • The Wind Journeys

Followed by a talk with the musician and accordionist José Hernando Arias who will be discussing the legend of the accordion.