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Pelo Malo - Bad Hair

Good Hair, Bad Hair / Pelo Bueno, Pelo Malo

Dir. Sarah Akrobettoe, UK, 2016, 10 min. colour, English subtitles.

A colonial past, massive cultural diversity and rampant individualism are all reflected in Cuban’s attitudes to their hairstyles, as demonstrated in this lively, light-hearted documentary short.


Underwater / Bajo El Agua

Dir. Sebastian Benalcazar Vega, Ecuador, 2016, 10 min. colour, English subtitles.

Abel, a physiotherapist with issues, goes into emotional meltdown after discovering his girlfriend has cheated on him. Throwing himself into his work, he finds redemption in the form of his patient, Jorge, an acerbic old man who helps him get his life back on track.


Clubman 13.03.13

Dirs. Lucia Castellano & Ines Mongil, Puerto Rico, 2016, 18 min. colour & B/W, English subtitles

Mr. Antonio Navedo arrives bright and early for work at the shop on Ponce de Leon Avenue, Santurce, Puerto Rico. He has arrived bright and early every single day… since 1951. (Yes, you read that right)!

Winner of Best Documentary at the Festival de Cine Latinoamericano de Rosario 2016.


Tierra Caliente

Dir. Alvaro D. Ruiz, Colombia, 2015, 22 min. colour, English subtitles.

The Tierra Caliente (Hot Lands) of Colombia, is the region sought out by city folks in search of summer sun. It is known as a place of freedom and licence, where the people go to experience new things and…  get hot. As the mercury starts to shoot up the thermometer, a weekend in the Tierra Caliente turns into a life changing event for Veronica, Lucia and their boyfriends.


Happy Widow / Viuva Alegre

Dir. Jose Antonio Pereira, Brazil, 2016, 12 min. colour, English subtitles.

Has she found a new husband, already? Or did she never become a widow, after all? Why Sofia is quite so happy?


I Still Bleed Inside / Ainda Sangro Por Dentro

Dir. Carlos Segundo, Brazil, 2016, 24 min. colour, English subtitles.

Sometimes, the pain inside that no one can see, is the worst agony of all.

O Pacote - The Package

The Package / O Pacote

Dir. Rafael Aidar, Brazil, 2012, 18 min. colour, English subtitles.

Starting at a new school, Leandro and Jefferson form an instant attachment and soon realise that theirs is no ordinary friendship; but there is one unavoidable truth Leandro needs to learn about Jeff, if they are going to stay together… something that is all part of the package.


Sonata For A Calendar / Sonata Para Un Calendario

Dir. Carmen Rosa Vargas, Peru, 2016, 19 min. B/W. English subtitles.

Stylish, mordantly funny short, without dialogue, in which a middle age accountant enacts the central purpose of his life, against a backdrop of existential monochrome.

Submarino - Submarine

Submarine / Submarino

Dir. Rafael Aidar, Brazil, 2014, 20 min. colour, English subtitles.

Eighty five year old Olavo has lived alone for two long years, immersed in grief for the loss of his partner. In search of human contact, he ventures into the online world, only to become immersed in a fantasy world, somewhere between the internet’s public and private spaces.

Las imagenes de Helena

Helen’s Images / Las Imagenes De Helena

Dir. Andrea Santamaria, Argentina / UK, 2016, 14 min. colour. English subtitles.

A highly imaginative treatment of feminist themes, involving body images, secret sorrows and thwarted hopes. The story of a forsaken women flows between two historical periods, the 1890s and the 1970s. The film conjures up a picture of the contrasts, and similarities, in the roles afforded to women in these different  eras.

London's Latin Quarter Still photo

London’s latin quarter

Dir. Silvia Rothlisberger, UK, 2015, 14 min, colour, English subtitles.

The largely untold story of Elephant and Castle’s Latin American community (the largest in London), the influence of Latin Americans through their food, music, and culture, and the threat posed to the Latin American community, amongst many others, by the massive and on-going, luxury developments in the area.



Dir. Jorg Wagner, Brazil / UK, 2015, 25 min. colour, English subtitles.

A breezy, fun-filled comedy set in North London, revolving around the lives and loves of a wild, rainbow assortment of Brazilians in a Seven Sisters flat-share.


A gift to my mother

Dir. Elam Forrester, UK, 2015, 2 min, colour, English subtitles.

A  portrait of Panaderia La Esperanza, at the heart of the deprived community of El Refugio. The bakery was set up in 2006, with the express aim of providing local people with training and a regular income.

Facing Up Film

Facing up

Dir. Elam Forrester, UK, 2015, 8 min. colour, English subtitles.

A simple, and utterly compelling documentary, one woman’s account of her childhood, and her former life as a guerrilla in El Salvador.

Struggling for Recognition The Waste Pickers of Colombia

Struggling for recognition: the waste pickers of Colombia

Dir. Yanni Zikidis, Colombia, 2014, 10 min. colour, English subtitles.

Colombia remains one of the most inequitable countries in South America. Yet the health and well-being of society depends upon an all but invisible community of workers. This is their struggle to be seen.

Last day of the house - _ltimos días de una casa

Last days of a house / Ultimos dias de una casa

Dir. Lourdes de los Santos Matos, Cuba, 2015, 14 min. colour, English subtitles.

A call to arms to help save, for Havana, and for Cuba, the old house of Dulce Maria Loynaz, the poet  whose lyrical and commanding style forged a powerful, distinctly female vision of nationhood.