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Inside the solar / Dentro del solar

Dir. Maria Elisa Perez and Duniesky Canton Fernandez, Cuba / USA, 201 1, 5 min, colour. English subtitles.

The sequel to the original film “Solar 11”, “Dentro del Solar” revisits the inhabitants of Solar 11: the decaying Havana tenement block, capturing their reactions and responses to the screening of “Solar 11”. Despite the poverty and many difficulties that surround them, the solidarity , love and friendship that lies within each individual, family and the Solar 11 community as a whole, centres this tender and insightful documentary .


Solar 11

Dir. Maria Elisa Perez and Duniesky Canton Fernandez, Cuba / USA, 201 1, 5 min, colour. English subtitles.

The public housing block Solar 11 has gained a reputation around Havana not only because of its precarious state of decay , but also because of its history and the colourful community that lives within its crumbling walls. This documentary penetrates deep into the heart of this neighbourhood; sensitively exploring the joys, ills, and relationships that characterise these peoples lives.


Telenovela: Colombia’s daily fix

Dir. Rebecca Radmore. UK, 2012, 5 min, colour and B/W. English subtitles.

Among Colombia’s (perhaps dubious) exports, the Telenovela (the best known of which, in this country , is “Ugly Betty”) stands out as a special area of expertise. This small gem of a film provides a snapshot of a nation obsessed with the escapist worlds offered up by the Colombian entertainment industry .


La Mirada perdida

Dir. Damian Dionisio. Argentina, 2012, 11 min, colour. English subtitles.

A darkly compelling portrait of a family in hiding from the murderous military repression in 1970s Argentina. About to be discovered, they can take shelter only in fantasy.


The Cable

Dir. Jesse Quinones. Cuba / USA / Ireland. 2012,12 min, colour. English subtitles.
Awards: Audience Choice Award at Walthamstow Short Film Club.

A fascinating short documentary about a cable, strung across the width of a mountain valley, which is the only route possible for two children as they travel from their home to the outside world.


My name is Haiti

Dirs. Mar Dominguez and Amparo Mendo. Spain / Haiti, 2012, 28 min, colour. English subtitles.
Awards: Best Foreign Short Drama Film, The Indie Gathering, USA; Best Short Film at Port 7, Portugal. Special Jury Mention, One Shot International Short Film Festival, Armenia. Special Jury Mention, The People's Film Festival, USA. Special Jury Mention, MARFICI, Argentina. Best Short Film, Jornadas de Cine Independiente Buenos Aires, Argentina. Special Jury Mention, West Viriginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival, USA. SICA Award For Its Social Values, Argentina. Best Short Film, FICIP , Argentina. Best Short Film, The Short of the Year, Spain. Third Place to the best Short Film, Georges Melies, Argentina.

With the unaffected optimism of youth, Haitian children take control of the camera to show us their lives, first hand; sharing the joys and preoccupations of kids from anywhere in the world.


The Other side / Del otro lado

Dir. Yanillys Perez. Dominican Republic / France, 201 1, 14 min, colour. English subtitles.

Far from dreaming of a rich future in the States, Miguel, a young Dominican, only yearns to build a simple life with his childhood love, Laura: but he has her domineering grandmother to contend with. When the old woman discovers the relationship, Laura is pressured by her family , and her life changes forever.



Dir. Kate Hartnoll. Cuba, 201 1, 12 min, colour. English subtitles.

Raimundo, an old man living alone in an over-crowded Havana apartment block, is only too happy to look after his neighbour’s baby for the afternoon. But as time passes and the mother does not return, an unexpected visit forces him to reconsider his position and threatens to destabilise his world.


The Homework / La tarea

Dir. Biviana Marquez. Colombia, 201 1, 15 min, colour. English subtitles.
Awards: Best Short Film at Maraton Audiovisual de Cortometrajes Pantalones Cortos de Colombia.

Sergio’s seemingly impossible homework (to write down, on magic paper, what he dreams of becoming when he grows up) eventually transforms itself into an exhilarating adventure.


Jacana and Adoniran

Dir. Rogerio Nunes. Brasil, 2012, 20 min, colour. English subtitles.

A lively and controversial exploration of one of the most famous Brazilian songs and its composer.



Dir. Rafael Salazar. USA/Spain, 201 1, 15 min, colour. English subtitles.

Jeremy is desperate not to lose a career-making opportunity; the chance to fly to Haiti to cover the earthquake, but sometimes the real story is staring you in the face…



Dir. Alberto Valhondo. Dominican Republic, 201 1, 9 min, colour. English subtitles.

Acaustic overview of the teacher’s role in the Dominican Republic over the past few decades, revealed in a series of vignettes.


The people’s lawyer / El abogado del pueblo

Dir. Ricardo Jimenez. Colombia, 2012, 8min, colour. English subtitles.

Clever, sure-footed cinematic bricolage: a dynamic monologue presented in such a way as to rupture the relationship between discourse and image.


And the river flows on

Dir. Carlos Perez Rojas, Mexico, 2010,70min, colour . English subtitles.

This is the inspiring story of a long fight by peasant farmers, south of Acapulco, to prevent the Mexican government building a hydroelectric dam that would flood their lands. The campesinos, themselves, show us their lives, work and love for the land.


Dreaming Nicaragua

Dir: Marcelo Bukin. Nicaragua / USA, 2009, 60 min, colour. English subtitles.

Jafet, an art teacher, visits the most cruelly deprived communities in Nicaragua, inviting the children to express their dreams through their drawings. The documentary focuses on four of these children who, in the face poverty and illiteracy, still look to the future with laughter and with hope.


Cocaine unwrapped

Dir: Rachel Seifert. UK / Bolivia / Colombia / Ecuador / Mexico/ USA, 2011, 83 min, colour. English subtitles.

The ultimate example of unregulated, amoral, globalised commodity trading? The sheer human cost inflicted by the cocaine business, the charade of the US “War on Drugs”, and the ignorance of the average Western end user are all spelled out compellingly as the documentary follows the trail of blood from the producer countries, through Mexico, the S tates and the UK.