The Longest Distance / La Distancia Mas Larga

Rocatti, Marcos Moreno An epic story of astounding compassion and beauty, a multiple award-winning film that has been widely credited with making Venezuelans fall back in love with their own country. Martina, a woman of sixty, is reeling from the news that she is terminally ill. She decides to undertake a last journey to Gran Sabana, a sublime wilderness, a place where she was once happy. Her plan is to climb the magnificent Mount Roraima; and never to come back down. Deep in her heart, though, she realises she will never be able to manage such a journey on her own. An unheralded visit from her grandson Lucas changes everything. Oblivious to his grandmother’s condition, he agrees to accompany her, little knowing that he is about to be confronted with her intention to end her own life. With stunning performances from Spanish actor Carme Elias, and Omar Moya as Lucas, this is truly the longest  journey – a journey from the chaos of 21st century Caracas, to one of the most ancient landscapes on Earth, and a journey from alienation and loss, to love and self-realisation.

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