Boccaccerias Habaneras

A wickedly contrived portmanteau of three separate tales, all loosely based on stories from The Decameron, and held together by a linking narrative that features a burnt-out writer offering money in exchange for creative ideas.

Though Habaneras to the core, the stories are shot through with as much satirical and erotic energy as is to be found anywhere in Boccaccio’s seven hundred year old masterpiece.

Winner of the 2013 Havana International Film Festival Audience Prize for Best Screenplay, Boccaccerias Habaneras has rightly been hailed as representing a new dawn for the Cuban film industry. Certainly, it is difficult to imagine a funnier (or sexier) commentary on the social and cultural turbulence that characterises today’s Cuba, and the countless Boccaccerias it has surely given birth to.

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