Never ever neverland

Director Marina Ochoa dedicated this heart-rending documentary to her younger brother, Frank, who was one of the more than fourteen thousand Cuban children who were sent, alone, to the USA between 1960 and 1962. She never saw him again. “Operation Peter Pan” has been the subject of previous films, but here, apart from exploring the lasting effects on its victims, Ochoa throws new light on the secrets of the operation, for example, the role of Spain as a conduit for the expatriation, and the fact that some of the children ended up being settled in Jamaica, instead of the States. Crucially, she demonstrates that “Operation Peter Pan” was not merely a one-off event, of purely historical significance, as she reveals how near such a tragedy came to being repeated in Venezuela, as a reaction to the advent of the Chavez government. Essential  viewing, for everyone.

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