Holy cow / La vaca

The death of a famous American archeologist, Albert Frederick Thomas Jackson, in his adopted home town of San Pedro El Bajo in Guatemala, triggers a bizarre chain of events. For a start, not one but two wives suddenly materialised (an American called Betty Hooter and Soledad, a Guatemalan) with competing claims on the substantial estate left by ‘Mr.Thomas’.

Things take a stranger turn still when the will seems more concerned with the future of a cow (named Tracy) than the welfare of the wives. It appears that ‘Mr. Thomas’ wishes that, for the greater good, Tracy should become pregnant… and the disposal of his estate rests on this being achieved. For Betty and Soledad, the race is on to get Tracy ready for the bull and effectively serviced without delay…

An achingly funny screwball comedy from way leftfield, satirising the cultural schism between urban and rural Guatemala, as well as the even greater gap between reality and the word.

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