Forbbiden flights / Vuelos prohibidos

With a gracious nod to Hiroshima mon Amour, ’Vuelos  Prohibidos’ sets out to present a panoramic overview of Cuba’s development, from 1959 right up to the present day; (the film only recently premiered, in March this year, in Havana). The cancellation of flights from Paris, leads Mario and Monique (played by  singer Paulo Fernandez Gallo, and the Moroccan actor Sanaa Alaoui ), like the lovers in Resnais’ film, to explore together the conjunction of the personal and the political, while, behind their story, the film opens up to describe the impact of nearly sixty years of social change, on the Cuban people. This marks the return of Rigoberto Lopez (director of Roble de Olor)  to the big screen, with his declared intention of conducting ‘an honest dialogue with our reality’. With contributions from seasoned Cuban actors Daysi Granados, Mario Balmaseda, Manuel Porto, and others, this is powerful and seductive filmmaking that does not flinch from discussing some of the less palatable aspects of life as it is lived in contemporary Cuba.

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