Contigo, pan y cebolla

An adaptation of Hector Quintero’s irreverent, bittersweet play from 1962, “Contigo, Pan y Cebolla” (roughly, ‘together through thick and thin’) centres on Lara Fundora, the aspirational matriarch of a lower middle class family, in pre-revolution Havana, and her efforts at ‘keeping up appearances’ when faced with dire economic circumstances. Banking on her husband’s long awaited increase in salary, Lara buys the refrigerator they badly need; only to find that the pay rise never comes, and she has to manage to return the fridge, without losing face. The irony is that, in the fifty years since Quintero’s original stage hit, the effects of ‘austerity measures’ on the lives and dreams of ordinary working people are as devastating as ever: and not only in Cuba!

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