The Heart of Caracas / El Corazon de Caracas

To open the Festival, an inspirational, feature length documentary.

Caracas, that complex and fractured metropolis, turbulent and contentious capital, has been much misunderstood throughout its long history, and is still the victim of gross misrepresentation, to this day. In this brilliant and multi-faceted documentary, director Simon Toro charts the economic, social, and political vicissitudes of the city across the centuries, unraveling the tangled narratives that have made for such a convoluted, present day reality.

With its incisive eye, the film lays bare the full reality of modern Caracas in its difficulty and division, and in its chaotic fecundity. For all the analytical clarity of its approach, Toro’s film also offers a committed and passionate vision for the future. Through growing social awareness, communal cohesion, and an organised, mobilised population, Caracas may look forward to a golden tomorrow.

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