Tengo talento

TENGO TALENTO: Jennyselt Galata of Yoruba Andabo & Sailen (Afro Cuban Folklore):

Jennyselt is a dancer of Afro-Cuban Folklore, who enjoys an international reputation as well as enormous prestige within Cuba itself. She is currently dancing with the group Yoruba Andabo, and is on the lookout for a successor with the talent and commitment necessary to carry the traditions of Afro-Cuban dance culture forward into the future. Jennyselt takes us to Juanelo (a part of Havana rarely seen by tourists), and a community project that works to cultivate the skills and ambitions of the next generation of dancers. Will she find a youngster there, to whom she can pass on her legacy?

TENGO TALENTO: Yrak of Doble Filo & Darwin of Golpe Seko (Cuban Hip Hop):

World renowned rapper Yrak Saens (one half of the group Doble Filo, and a pioneer of Cuban Rap) takes to the streets to look for the next generation in Cuban Hip Hop. Travel with him, on the road from Havana to Santiago in his search for up and coming stars.

TENGO TALENTO: Julio Padrón and El Niño Jesus (Cuban Jazz):

Julito Padrón, one of the most outstanding trumpeters in Cuba, introduces us to a young man who, at only 15 years of age, is the master of a spectacular sound that promises to propel him to the heights of fame.

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