Jogo de corpo/Body games. Capoeira and ancestry

Body Games is a documentary driven by Mestre Cobra Mansa’s desire   to understand fully the ancestral origins of his art form, Capoeira, and the place it occupies in his Afro­‐Brazilian heritage.  In Capoeira, the performers kick, spin and dodge to music that evokes Africa, the world of slaves and masters, and a mythical place called ‘Angola’.

We follow as Cobra Mansa pursues the mysteries of Capoeira in Rio, Bahia, and then on to Africa, where he uncovers astounding links with the spiritual and cultural traditions of the real Southern Angola: the Zebra Dance, ‘Engolo’, for example, and the hypnotic tones of the musical bow.

Through a dazzling exchange of Capoeira and native martial art forms, all enacted in the dusty villages of Angola, Cobra and his team begin to gain a real appreciation of the correspondences between these ancient combat games, sharing the same roots, though practiced an ocean apart.

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