Extirpador de idolatrias

This dark and compelling detective mystery is set against an unusual background: the Peruvian Andes, and a universe of indigenous supernatural beliefs. Two children nearing puberty, a boy and a girl, are preparing to participate in traditional rites of passage, in the course of which they are expected to commune with spirit creatures sacred to the religion practiced in some high Andean regions. However, a baleful shadow is cast over this peaceful ritual when it is violently interrupted by the arrival of the Extirpador de Idolatrías.  This self-styled ‘scourge of idolatry’, though pretending to be on a mission of pure faith, is actually a monster of religious intolerance.

Inspector Waldo, an introverted and irascible character with personal demons of his own, is tasked with investigating the growing string of crimes associated with indigenous ceremonies. Although hampered by the discriminatory attitudes of his high-handed boss, and dogged by inner conflicts that have troubled him all his life, Waldo is determined to track down and capture the deeply sinister ‘scourge of idolatry’. A unique, and hugely intriguing slice of Peruvian Noir.

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