Amazon souls

Filmmaker Sarah Begum travelled into the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon to share the everyday lives of the noble and engaging Huaorani people. Her emotive documentary captures the beauty and resilience of a culture, which has endured in the heart of the rainforest, caught between the demands of modernity and a determination to preserve their ancient ways of living.

Begum immerses herself in the Huaorani culture while recording day to day activities as diverse as hunting with traditional techniques, weaving… and updating on Facebook. The enormous empathy and good humour shared between the filmmaker and her subjects, makes for a genuinely affecting portrait of a community, rather than just one more sombre anthropological survey.

Inevitably, perhaps, the film also focuses on the outside forces that threaten the continued existence of such a stable and enduring culture: oil interests, in this case. The warmth and joy  Begum experiences in her relationship with the Huaorani, only serves to throw this threat into even stronger relief.

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