Sumak Sustainable Travel

Imagine a different way of travelling. Not a mass-produced, hermetically sealed series of airport and hotel transfers and excursions that make you feel you are ‘doing’ a country, rather than actually visiting it. Imagine instead travel that is smaller scale, much more human, and therefore much more enjoyable and unique. You will see astonishing landscapes, take part in exhilarating experiences, learn about amazing cultures, and enjoy many magical moments. But you will be doing that with, rather than against the grain of the local people, their communities, and customs. You will in fact be the guest of the locals and that means your whole perspective will be different. Our absolute priority is to make certain that you have an outstanding and unforgettable holiday.

One way of ensuring that your travel experience is different and better is to be different and better ourselves. We are a London-based responsible tour operator working directly with local, community-based tour operators in Latin America. Sumak Kawsay means “good living” in Quechua: for us, it embodies the idea of caring for people, cultures and nature – principles that are key to true, sustainable development. So we want Sumak Travel to embody ‘good sustainable travel’.

We are a social enterprise that puts local communities and the environment at the centre of its model. Profits are reinvested into the business and into community-led, productive projects in Latin America (read more below). Our mission is to contribute to the empowerment of local communities in Latin America by running an ethical business that provides rewarding and authentic experiences for discerning travellers.

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The screening of Calloused Hands and the launch party are organised in partnership with Sumak Sustainable Travel, a specialist in community based tourism to Latin America.

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