Somewhere near Tapachula

Somewhere Near Tapachula depicts the importance of love and support in the everyday lives of our youth. It provokes emotions ranging from sadness to joy, allowing for an instant connection with the story and its characters. An inspirational film that defines what it truly means to be given a second chance in life.

Pam and Alan, two natives of Australia are faced with a major decision whether to return to their native home or remain in Mexico to continue aiding with the street children problem of Mexico. Pam and Alan decide to remain in Mexico and they create Misión Mexico, which functions as an orphanage/refuge for children. This establishment provides the essential elements for children: love, education and support. Somewhere Near Tapachula focuses on how having a secure place has positively affected the lives of the children. In addition, it also spotlights on the development of surfing within the community and how it is used as an escape for the children to forget their past.

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