Calloused hands

Bert dreams of being a baseball star, a millionaire, a success, a somebody. The reality is different: he is broke, insecure, addicted and his violent mood swings have a devastating impact on everyone around him. He tries to take twelve year old Josh, his partner’s son, under his wing, desperate to be the supportive and encouraging father figure he never had himself: but he only knows how to push Josh towards the goals he had hoped to achieve in his own life.

This oppressive and domineering character is brilliantly played by Andre Royo, who ably portrays the positive, as well as the powerfully negative, aspects of Bert’s personality, creating a fully rounded and convincing character and adding immense emotional weight to the unfolding story.

What could be a thoroughly depressing tale of violence, broken homes and shattered relationships, gradually transforms into a narrative of redemption, love, commitment and support. Uncomfortable, unsettling, sobering and, at times, genuinely uplifting, Calloused Hands is a masterpiece of emotive storytelling.

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