A map for love

Roberta lives in Santiago with her young son and enjoys an intense relationship with Javiera, a free-spirited actress, philosopher, singer and erotic performer. Roberta’s life would be perfect if it were not for the fact that her conservative and domineering mother, Ana, does not really approve of her daughter’s life as a lesbian… and certainly does not approve of her relationship with Javiera.

In an optimistic attempt to remedy the situation, Roberta decides to invite the two women in her life to join her on a sailing trip. Trapped together in the confines of a tiny yacht with a Pacific storm raging around them, the three women are forced to confront their differences and try to work together to survive this calamitous, oestrogen-fuelled voyage.

With a cast of brilliantly delineated comic characters, a biting script and a dash of Latina flair, director Constanza Fernández entertainingly explores the struggles we go through to understand those we love and those who love us.

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