Bolivar / Bolivar, Ese Soy Yo

Simon Bolivar is one of the biggest, if not the biggest hero in Latin America: his name is on everyone’s lips, today, and his life story has become a founding myth of the independent continent, used for divers political purposes.

Venezuelan filmmakers Raiza Andrade and Edmundo Aray have tried to dispense with the clichés and look at this immense figure from slightly different perspective. Their animated “Liberator” loses some of his gravitas and, even though he’s made of clay, appears much more human than he does in the history books. Absorbing and a delight to watch.

“Simon Bolivar, ese Soy Yo” was the first part of Edmundo Aray’s trilogy based on lives of iconic Latin American heroes, followed by “Jose Marti, ese Soy Yo” and “Simon Rodriguez, ese Soy Yo”

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