A Dream Comes True / El Despertar De Un Sueno

This documentary by Cuban director Luis Ernesto Donas is a tribute paid by ICAIC (Cuban Film Institute) to the Cuban National Ballet on the occasion of its 60th anniversary. However, most of all it is a tribute to its Founder and Director world-famous dancer Alicia Alonso. Now in her nineties and almost blind she continues to run her company with an
incredible spirit.

Her old body cannot dance anymore but Alicia Alonso is still dancing with her hands and her words. In a way when her students dance, she does. A Dream Comes True portrays Alonso during rehearsals for “The Sleeping Beauty”, a classic ballet, part of traditional repertoire, but also one of the most important pieces choreographed by her during her amazingly long career. The film explores the various processes of preparation (choreography, scenery, costumes, lights) interviewing not only Alonso but also a new generation of young talented dancers and all the people involved in staging the performance, stressing how important is the work of the whole team.

There are many beautiful ballet sequences from both the stage and the rehearsals interwoven to build a compelling picture of the discipline and sacrifice that goes into staging the final production. A visual treat, not only for ballet aficionados.

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