Strawberry Lips / Boca De Fresa

Jorge Zima’s latest film is a wry, sure-footed comedy that extemporises on a classic Argentinean theme (the gap in understanding between the city and the country) with all the skill and bittersweet wit of a tango maestro. Hapless, lovable rogue, Oscar is at the helm of a music production company that is on the rocks. When, by chance, he discovers a
Norwegian band has had an international hit with a remix of a song by one of his former artists, Oscar has to convince his girlfriend Natalia to undertake the exhausting ride through the hills of Cordoba to find the singer (instead of the holiday in Miami he’d promised her). The hunt for the reclusive musician, however, proves to be far from straightforward and the couple become embroiled in a voyage of self-discovery, challenging, sensual and violent by turns, on which they are forced to re-evaluate their relationship, and, even, the very values by which they have been living their lives. Hilarious, moving and magical.

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