Goodbye Cruel World / Adios Mundo Cruel

A very creative comedy in which innocent and simple-minded Angel loses his job in an insurance company and, with no job in sight, has to look for new ways to earn a living. Inadvertently, he becomes involved with a gang of thieves and a series of crazy money-making schemes they come up with. Naïvely, Angel doesn’t seem to be able to deduce that they are
anything more than well-meaning strangers, helping him out: or, even more to the point, that, as criminals, they are totally incompetent! He agrees to take the lead in a heist that promises to make him both rich and famous; or so he believes.

This uncompromising, hilarious, dark comedy has already won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Narrative Feature at this year’s Santa Cruz Film Festival, and deservedly so. Restrained and observant direction allows the
script and the highly talented cast plenty of scope to develop the wry humour which emerges from a basically desperate situation affecting millions worldwide, today.

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