Death in high contrast / muerte en alto Contraste

After more than a decade without having released a feature film, Cesar Bolivar, director of some of the most successful Venezuelan movies of the 1980s, returns with a classic tale of revenge.

“Death in High Contrast” is a political thriller-cum action film, that tells the story of Gabriel, son of leftist militants who were killed by a right-wing paramilitary squad known as Grupo Onza. Gabriel witnessed the massacre when he was a child: now, 20 years later he decides to take the law into his own hands. In his quest for justice, he is helped by a reporter, Pepe Grillo, who goes undercover in the search for information. Gabriel starts hunting down the members of the sinister organisation that killed his parents, one by one. However, in the course of his mission, he manages to
fall in love… with the daughter of a man responsible for his parents’ deaths!

Cesar Bolivar has cast the film from some of Venezuela’s greatest stars and most talented actors, while he, himself is among the most accomplished directors the country has ever produced. His skill and commitment is put to excellent use in telling, in an accessible form, the story of contemporary Venezuelan society, which is, in part, a story of polarisation, intolerance, a corrupt underworld and an inescapable cycle of violence.

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