The Temptations Of Brother Sebastian

The year 2030. Brazil is reduced to toxic ruins in the aftermath of war and ecological disaster. The Church has returned to the age of evangelism and martyrdom. Brother Sebastian prepares for his ordination but wrestles with self doubt: he recounts the story of his early life, the shame of having been assaulted as a child, the carnality of his passion for the beautiful Brother Gabriel, and the torments he suffers at the hands of the devil incarnate, Lord Bat, and his sidekick, Debo. Driven to the very edge, Sebastian finally achieves expiation and is absolved of his sins by Father Sanctus. He then goes on, accompanied by his newly righteous cohort, Lord Bat, to sally forth and rid the world of fear, via beatification by dint of time travels back to Ancient Rome. Confused? Don’t worry! Just sit back as the beautifully realised and utterly bizarre visuals unfold and prepare to lose yourself in a world of sin, mysticism, heavenly visions, blood, and much, much more!

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