Regarding Buenos Aires/A Propósito De Buenos Aires

A cast of young characters pursue their disparate yet interwoven narratives, roaming over the surface of the sepulchre that is Buenos Aires ; over the bones of the patriarchs encased in marble, over the bones of the murdered entombed under concrete. The uniting theme is the search for identity, the need of each generation to reinvent itself in a city which has never known itself except as conduit between an alien interior and a distant continent, 10 000 ocean miles away. Searching through words (words in letters, books, vast libraries of words) they seek desperately to define the soul of the city, but ultimately, they find their cultural inheritance has shallow roots which entwine and choke one another, bounded in, as they are, by impenetrable strata of ossified histories. The 11 separate directors involved have achieved a remarkable continuity of style: the deliberate pace of the unfurling tableaux and the bald video texture of the cinematography creep under the skin of the viewer as the lost youths wander the width of land hemmed in between the great river and the endless sea.

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