Acts Of Men/Atos Dos Homens

Institutional violence is the everyday reality for the inhabitants of Brazil ‘s poorest quarters. Goifman’s film was intended to document the stories of people who have survived massacres carried out by death squads comprised of racketeering police officers. However, on the eve of filming, a fresh massacre was carried out in Baixada Fluminense: 29 people killed, including the old, children and teenagers, the highest death toll to date in Rio de Janeiro . In the light of events, the film, inevitably, became the story of this massacre. One crew documented the immediate aftermath, putting their lives at risk from the professional killers still on the streets. Later came the filming of a series of extremely powerful interviews with survivors, giving a rare voice to the unofficial version of events, from those in the firing line. Dignified and not voyeuristic, this film cannot properly be described. It must be seen.

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