Kill them all/Matar a todos

Esteban Schroeder’s taut and nerve-shredding political thriller Kill Them All won the Audience Award at the Biarritz Film Festival. It also made the Official Section at San Sebastian Film Festival (a first for a Uruguayan film). Solicitor Julia Gudari is investigating the kidnapping, in Uruguay, of Eugenio Berrios a Chilean chemist accused of having collaborated with the Pinochet regime in the manufacture of chemical and biological weapons. As the investigation develops, the case starts to accrue unexpected and disturbing consequences, both professional and personal for Julia. It becomes apparent that her father and brother, both of whom are members of the Uruguayan military, are involved in the conspiracy that is trying to hide Berrios. The Condor Plan, the alliance created between the secret services of the Latin American dictatorships during the Cold War period, seems to be alive and kicking notwithstanding the inseption of democratic institutions across the continent. One of the Latin American Film Festival highlights, Kill Them All most be rated amongst the best made and hardest hitting Latin American films of recent years.

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