Little Havana/Pequena Habana

‘I was born lacking a couple of chromosomes, but it doesn’t matter. That is what made me’. Twelve Cuban’s with dwarfism talk to the camera about sex, love, work and dignity, comprising a realistic and revealing portrait of the city of Havana, as seen from a slightly different perspective than usual! The aim of the documentary, as director Rolando Pardo says, is to reflect the reality of being a small person in Cuba, while trying to counter some of the prejudices they suffer. ‘I clearly wanted to show that they are not monsters, but normal people who live normal lives within a society that should respect them’. The interviewees range from a chiropodist who tries to bring his son up so that he can deal with the limits his height might cause him, to a mother who sleeps in her baby’s cradle, to a family man who drives a taxi-bicycle to make a living. This is the optimistic, life-affirming story of twelve anonymous people who, over the course of 72 minutes, come to life as vivid, individual characters with amazing stories to tell.


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